Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Pending Projects

The following is a list of projects which have been approved for funding by Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust. Once funds are granted the Trust allows up to two years to complete the funded project. These projects are in various stages of completion.

2017 Grant Recipients:

Teton River - $50,000
Yellowstone River Oil Spill $100,000
Grossweiller CE & Bird Viewing $40,000
Wilson Park $30,000 (Complete)
Waterloo Grove $195,000 (Complete)
Whitefish Lake $50,000
Dillon High Trails $50,000

Prior Year Awards:

Ash Coulee - $107,000 (one year extension)
YT Timber Land Exchange - $100,000 (one year extension)

Grossweiller CE & Bird Viewing - $45,000
Bitterroot Trails - $75,000





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