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Tar head Creek Property Access and habitat project

Photo of Tar Head Creek PropertyProject Name:Tar Head Creek Property Access and Habitat Project-currently part of FWP's Canyon Creek WMA

Sponsor: Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Year: 2010

Grant Amount: $635,000

Total Project Cost: $635,000

Project: A few miles west of the Continental Divide, the Tar Head property lies adjacent to a national scenic trail. The surrounding area is popular for wildlife viewing and hiking and is popular grazing ground for elk, deer, and moose. Wildlife watchers may also spot wolf or wolverine. The property comprises 151.09 acres of sprawling meadows and rolling, grass hills. The small streams that flow through the property from the upper Missouri River system are home to westslope cutthroat trout. Canyon Creek also provides exceptional fishing for brook and rainbow trout.

Purpose: Increase size of existing, protected wildlife habitat, protect stream corridor of native trout, and maintain/increase public access to the public lands.

The Tar Head property is a great addition to the Canyon Creek Wildlife Management Area. The acquisition of the land was made possible by funds provided by the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust and will be managed by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. The purchase of the Tar Head property adjoins other public lands for more direct public access for fishing, hunting and other recreational activities. Habitat improvements have also been implemented to include a fish barrier to prevent non-native fish species from invading the riparian habitat of the westslope cutthroat trout and ultimately expand the current trout population in the area.

Directions: North of Helena, Montana, take Interstate 15 going north. Turn left on County Road 279/ Lincoln Road West travelling north-west approximately 20 miles between Flescher and Stemple Pass.

Restrictions: Check for seasonal restrictions at Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website:


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