Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Shoshone Landing

Project Name: Shoshone Park/Shoshone Landing

Sponsor: Jefferson River Canoe Trail Chapter

Year: 2014

Grant Amount: $45,000

Total Project Cost: $65,000

Project: To acquire a 4.37 acre property on the Jefferson River to be used as a public park and floaters campsite on the River. It is one of hopefully 7 or 8 campsites along the Jefferson River that will be established.

Purpose: The Jefferson River Canoe Trail is an essential segment of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.  Eighty percent of the Lewis and Clark expedition took place via water, with canoes serving as the primary vessels to move up and down rivers. Retracing the expedition's route by canoe is one of the most authentic ways to experience the Lewis and Clark story. To preserve and protect the trail, literally, we are establishing a network of public campsites along the entire length of the Jefferson River.

Directions: Parcel is located on the Jefferson River, next to Old Town Bridge, near Three Forks.


Restrictions: Recreational Access: Floater's camp, walk-in park, fishing, picnicking, etc. No Motorized Vehicles.

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