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Mullan Pass Conservation Easement

Photo of Mullan PassProject Name: Mullan Pass Conservation Easement

Sponsor: Prickly Pear Land Trust

Year: 2007

Grant Amount: $144,300

Total Project Cost: $276,300

Project: Owned by a Montana family since 1865, Mullan pass has been wonderfully preserved for centuries, displaying a myriad of wildflowers, thick riparian vegetation, pine fir, spruce and aspen trees. The property includes fourteen natural springs with sprawling meadows used by elk as calving grounds. The Dog Creek and Uncle George Creek are vital habitat to westslope cutthroat trout and beaver.

Purpose: To protect and enhance wildlife habitat, maintain public access to the public lands and allow public recreational opportunities.

Funds provided by the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust and partners helped purchase a conservation easement on the Mullan Pass Ranch. The easement will prevent subdivision of surrounding Federal and state lands that elk, moose, grizzly bear, gray wolf and lynx call home. Improved water quality has been facilitated with the easement which protects and maintains up to five miles of riparian habitat. The easement improves water quality and protects and maintains five miles of riparian habitat. The property is made up of 1,565 acres which has been divided up into three areas with individual objectives. Under the stewardship of the Prickly Pear Land Trust, approximately 20 acres will be utilized for public recreational access, 200 acres to go toward fishery enhancement and the remaining acreage will include limited recreation access and habitat improvement.

Directions: Located in the Helena National Forest, west of Helena, Montana. Travel west from Helena on Highway 12 approximately 28 miles. Turn right on Austin Mullan Pass Road going north. Follow Austin Mullan Pass Road about 10 miles.

Restrictions: Contact Vonne Shatz at 406-442-0873 for access information.


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