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Lower Beaver Creek Upland Game Bird Conservation Easement

Photo of Lower Beaver CreekProject Name: Lower Beaver Creek Upland Game Bird Conservation Easement

Sponsor: Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program, Montana Fish, Montana Wildlife and Parks Department.

Year: 2008

Grant Amount: $50,000

Total Project Cost: $375,000

Project: A conservation easement on the 507 acre, Lower Beaver Creek is part of the Milk River Initiative, designed to protect riparian habitat through a series of conservation easements over the course of many years. This project was funded through a partnership between the Montana Fish and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Upland Game Bird Enhancement program and State Wildlife Grants.

Purpose: This project will conserve and enhance fish and wildlife communities including game and non-game species groups, and will secure free public hunting into perpetuity. The landowner will continue to own the land and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will hold the perpetual conservation easement.

Directions: Two miles Northwest of Hinsdale, Montana, along the Milk River. This project is situated along approximately 3.3 miles of Beaver Creek, and includes portions of 3 oxbows approximately 1.5 miles in length.

Restrictions: Inquire through or the Fish Wildlife and Parks Department in Glasgow, Montana, 54078 US Highway 2 West, Glasgow, Montana 59230. 2 miles northwest of Hinsdale, Montana.





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