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Photo of Hall-Camas Creek PropertyHall-Camas Creek Conservation Easement Project

Project Name: Hall-Camas Creek Conservation Easement Project

Sponsor: Five Valleys Land Trust

Year: 2011

Grant Amount: $35,000

Total Project Cost: $493,680

Project: The Hall-Camas Creek property contains 2.5 miles of Camas Creek and nearly 200 acres of important, agricultural land. The surrounding timberlands that include Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine provide critical habitat for elk, black bear, Canadian lynx, mountain lion and local bird species. The Camas Creek is also home to native cutthroat trout.

Purpose: Connect 21 acres of wildlife habitat to protect more than 2.5 miles of riparian habitat along Camas Creek and improve public recreational access.

The Hall-Camas Creek Conservation Easement adjoins 237 acres along Camas Creek. To date, the Camas Creek drainage remains to be one of the most important conservation projects in the Potomac Valley. The easement was made possible with funds provided by the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Missoula Open Space Bond. The Five Valleys Land Trust and the Hall family will remain as managers for the property. The project provides improved public access to surrounding timberlands and will ultimately protect approximately 721 acres in the Potomac Valley.

Directions: East of Bonner, Montana and two miles south of Potomac, Montana. Travel east on Highway 200 from Bonner for approximately 15 miles. Turn right on Potomac Road. Turn right on Swanson Lane.

Restrictions: Contact project sponsor (Five Valleys Land Trust: 406-549-0755) for specific restrictions regarding this property.

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