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Crow Creek Falls

Photo of Crow Creek FallsProject Name: Crow Creek Falls

Sponsor: Crow Creek Falls Group / U.S. Forest Service

Year: 2004

Grant Amount: $75,000

Total Project Cost: $220,000

Project: A 60-foot remote waterfall, the largest on the Helena National Forest, Crow Creek Falls flows into Crow Creek and eventually winds through the Elkhorn Mountains. Native Americans used Crow Creek as a source of fresh water and the surrounding area as a hunting ground. The 20 acre safe-haven that is home to Crow Creek Falls remained untapped until early white settlers staked their claim on the mineral rich lands. In the 1980s, the Creek’s headwaters were a central focus for the Forest Service’s 85,670-acre Wilderness Study that ultimately claimed the land as a critical area for wildlife.

Purpose: Prevent development that would ultimately compromise habitat, and maintain the area for public access and recreational activities.

Remnants of Crow Creek Fall’s rich history have been unearthed in the land’s soil. When mining was abandoned in the area, old, rusted equipment, trash, and other contaminants remained. With the help of funds from the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust and other partners, cleanup of the site was completed. As a part of the Helena National Forest, over-development of the area will no longer compromise the environment. Once a place of refuge and prosperity, the area is being returned to its former glory inviting recreational activities like fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting.

Directions: North of Townsend, travel on U.S. Highway 12 for approximately 1 mile. Left on Indian Creek Road for approximately 11.5 miles. Turn west into Elkhorn Mountains. Turn left on Wave Road for 2.5 miles. Trailhead begins 1 mile up road.

Restrictions: No Motorized Vehicles


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