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Cottonwood Bend Upland Game Bird Conservation Easement

Photo of Cottonwood BendProject Name: Cottonwood Bend Upland Game Bird Conservation Easement

Sponsor: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Year: 2007

Grant Amount: $100,000

Total Project Cost: approximately $150,000

Project: The Cottonwood Bend area encompasses 164 acres and borders the Milk River for approximately 1.75 miles. The border on the Milk River is crucial riparian habitat for local fish species. Large hay meadows and cropland make the Cottonwood Bend land a principle agricultural area. The presence of white-tailed deer, ring-necked pheasants, Merriam’s turkeys, and a wide variety of native bird species makes this property a popular hunting ground as well.

Purpose: Maintain public hunting grounds, preserve traditional agricultural use and ownership, and protect winter range for local wildlife.

The conservation easement of the Cottonwood Bend property was made possible by funds provided by the Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Upland Game Bird Enhancement program and State Wildlife Grants. The easement maintains public hunting access to free, private lands in the area and helps protect riparian habitat.

Directions: Located 2 miles north of Hinsdale, Montana off of Hinsdale North Road.

Restrictions: Contact project sponsor for specific restrictions regarding this property.




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