Montana Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Confluence Park

Photo of Confluence ParkProject Name: Confluence Park Acquisition

Sponsor: Park County Montana

Year: 2014

Grant Amount: $16,200

Total Project Cost: $23,108

Project: This parcel has a long history of use by boaters, kayakers. swimmers, fishermen and other outdoor recreationalists who for over 75 years have accessed the area more as a public access than the private property it actually was. This project will assure the parcel remains in perpetuity for the public's recreational opportunities.

Purpose: To acquire 1.2 acres of publicly accessible land to provide safe and perpetual recreational opportunities on the Yellowstone River in the town of Gardiner.

Directions: This parcel is located in the town of Gardiner, Montana and borders Yellowstone National Park on the south and east.

Restrictions: Please check the signage on the property for appropriate use and restrictions.




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